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Verdugo Pines: Reloaded!

An open letter to all friends of Verdugo Pines Bible Camp:

We have all just come through a difficult time; it's as if our whole world was uprooted and left in suspension for two years. During that time, we have all suffered difficult losses. But God is good and He continues to give us the opportunity to live life to the full; this is possible even today as we encourage one another to continue to live and grow in His presence!

Our time of closure has left us with an unprecedented challenge, with many new regulations and economic obstacles to overcome. There were times when it looked like camp would not be able to continue, but God has surprised us with encouraging indications that we should press on! We are convinced that this is our calling today, to fight through each obstacles and preserve Verdugo Pines Bible Camp for future generations. Consequently, I have chosen this administrative theme for 2022: "Verdugo Pines - Reloaded!"

Our resident team and board have been working hard since early 2021 to get camp up and running. In January, we initiated our normal seasonal weekend retreat schedule, but our whole region was impacted by a wave of cold and flu and we had to cancel some retreats; others were greatly reduced in size. Now, we are shaking off those hindrances and beginning to see hopeful signs of the beginning of a strong camp season.

Many have asked, "Are you open?" Here is my answer: "Yes, Verdugo Pines is OPEN!" And we are determined to continue to serve by providing a refreshing mountain environment where everyone can meet the Lord Jesus Christ through intentional exposure to the gospel and interaction with caring and growing fellow believers.

We cannot do this alone! Shortages of workers and volunteers, changes in minimum wage law for LA County, and steep increases in our operating expenses and food costs have forced us to review our pricing and rethink the day-to-day dynamics of camp work. We are currently developing innovative ways to invite volunteers to come to work, rest, and play during their time up at camp.

We need your prayers for direction and strength in every aspect of this good work!

In His Service,

Leon Crawford

Executive Director

"Not to us, Lord, not to us; but to Your Name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness." Psalm 115:1


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