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2023 Historic Blizzard News

Friday Feb. 24, 1PM

Camps old Ford F250 diesel plow truck has been working almost nonstop for the past 24 hours. We are running low on diesel; the guys went into Wrightwood to buy more fuel, we hear it's being rationed. The snow has been light to moderate, always with wind which seems to be constantly changing directions. The wind picks up falling snow and powder from the ground and at times creates total white-out conditions, it is very disorienting! The Ford quit running yesterday afternoon, but we were able to diagnose the electrical problem and it was going again in less than an hour.

We have been using the snowblower too, but it is limited with how much snow it can move. After 2 hours of wrestling with the snowblower leaves you totally drenched with a sweat and snow mix. We have to come in and change, dry off, warm up, and rest frequently. The snow is drifting on the leeward side of the buildings, the front door of the Green house has 4’ of snow tightly packed against the house and screen door.

I am surprised that the Starlink internet is still working. The real heavy stuff is forecast for this afternoon through sometime tomorrow, we will see if we still have signal.

*Please pray that we can keep ahead of the snow with the plow

*Pray that we do not have power outages, resident staff needs to stay warm and connected-outside of camp in case of emergency


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