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A Call to Christian Service

Dear Friends of Verdugo Pines Bible Camp,

This letter is a call to Christian service. Many years ago I attended a conference where Howard Hendricks stated that "the church is calling out to the world, 'believe our Gospel'." But, he said, "The world is calling back to the church, 'behave your Gospel'." Camp ministry is an excellent opportunity to 'behave', or live out, our salvation in service to others. This kind of selfless giving proves solid evidence to a watching world to the life changing power of the Message of the Cross!

Summer is just around the corner and we are busy preparing for an exciting NEW camp season! It's new for all of us as we emerge from a time of isolation and inactivity. Camp really offers us the new start that we all need right now! So come and join us this summer! Rediscover JOY and the recipe for abundant life! Camp provides the ingredients!

  • Healthy outdoor activities

  • Time together with others and the opportunity to make new friends

  • Discover renewed meaning and purpose in serving

  • Learn more about our Creator while walking and resting in the beauty of the mountains

  • And, most important of all, come join us in taking time to learn of God's JOY in opening up for us the realities of forgiveness, redemption, and a living relationship with Him

We are excited to begin this year with a new volunteer discipleship program, INFLUX! This is a binding together of service, study, and rest into one program. Please click here to see the program description and application forms.

Also, during the summer we will need volunteer help on the weekends cleaning and sanitizing cabins in preparation for the incoming camps.

Please pray for volunteers to work at camp this summer!

We look forward to hearing from you!

In Christ,

Leon Crawford



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